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Black Robin On Demand - Convergence of coffee and technology


Firstly, thanks for your interest in investing in Black Robin Coffee! It's an exciting time for the coffee industry, the on-demand food & beverage sector and for all of us here at Black Robin!

We are in the process of building a seed fundraising round - we are currently engaging with a number of angel investors to kick off our first round of funding, but we'll be seeking additional investors to close out the round.

We aim to raise £250k - £500k+ in this first round, which will be used to launch our app, improve the website, build on our recurring revenue base (our subscription model that is already in place) and increase online sales through much greater investment in online marketing to accelerate customer acquisition, and to open in more locations.  We will also use these funds to develop our franchise and licencing models and secure office and warehouse space.

In terms of raising the required funding, we will be looking at a few options - either securing all of the funds from 1 - 3 institutional investors or a combination of this and crowdfunding - opening up smaller investment opportunities to a wider community of investors.

If you'd potentially like to join us on this exciting adventure, complete this quick form to let us know if you are already an angel or early-stage investor that could potentially be interested in a larger investment, or if you are more interested in a possible investment at a crowdfunding level - that will help us determine what info to send you and when.

We look forward to talking with you further in future and potentially having you join us on the journey to Unicorn status!

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